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Vegetable with escalivada mayonnaise 5,5
Chilli Crab with wasabi mayonnaise 9,0
Salmón 7,0
''My Fair'' Roast beef 5,0
Baby squids with egg and bacon 6,0
Wagyu fricando 6,5
Oxtail with palo cortado reduction 5,5
Iberian pork, Torta del Casar cheese, bacon 5,0
Iberian jowls, wakame sea wed 5,5
Chicken with curried peppers 4,5
"Shangai" porck & special mayonnaise 5,5
Burgerboom 007. License to surprise 6,0
Sobrasada "porc negre" and Mahon cheese 5,5
"Heura" protein and vegetable mayonnaise 5,5
Duck SAM (3u.) 7,9
Vegetable protein SAM (3u.) 7,9
Edamame 4,5
Ramen Soup (October to March) 7,8
Andalusian squid and kimchi mayonnaise 9,9
"Hot wings" with sriracha 6,8
Russian salmon tartare 8,9
Ceviche vegetal 9,5
Tomatoes that loves each other 6,6
Prawn, oyster sauce and vegetables (4u) 9,9
Iberian, tonkatsu sauce and vegetables (4u) 7,5
Sauteed vegetables with youdu sauce (4u) 7,0
Brownie with white chocolate creamy 5,5
Apple tatin with vanilla ice cream 6,5
Cheesecake, with raspberry marmalade 5,5
Our Lemon pie with violet ice cream 7,0
Red Velvet Cake 5,5
Cake tasting 12,0
Sweet Bao 5,0
Isoft with your Toppings 5,0